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WAHMRevwier – Melissa McClure

Let me tell you, everything tastes better in a glass bottle. Why did they change to plastic? Plastic is cheaper and costs the company less money to make. Did you know that plastic has been known to leak chemicals into the liquid that it holds? It also fills landfills. Different water bottling companies have created these amazing commercials for their products and let’s face it; American’s are addicted to drinking bottled water. These water bottles then fill up our landfills and cause pollution and other harmful substances that hurt our environment.

Faucet Face WAHMReview

Faucet Face has created a water bottle that is made of glass. When glass is used there is no nasty chemicals that get leaked into the water, its reusable and saves you money instead of purchasing cases upon cases of water.

I am an avid fitness person. In the mornings before I get ready for work I run and currently have been doing Focus T25. I admit I have fallen prey to the addition of bottled water, it’s just so convenient. But when I got the chance to do a review for a glass water bottle I was all over it. My family and I recycle, reduce, and reuse many items so my bottled water addiction didn’t make me feel so bad but I knew I needed to change. This review came at the perfect time as I was currently looking for a replacement for my water drinking habits.

When my box came that was labeled Faucet Face I was like a little kid on Christmas morning. I opened the box and was automatically taken away with this bottle. I couldn’t believe how thick this glass was! That was one of the areas of concern that I was worried about…what if I dropped this bottle? Is it going to shatter on me? Of course my son (who is 3 years old) loves to get mail and presents too so he helped me open the box and that was literally the first thing that happened….he accidently dropped it on the floor. Solid. Absolutely nothing happen, and it didn’t even scratch the lettering on the bottle that reads, “Tap is Terrific.”

Faucet Face Bottom WAHMReview

Faucet Face has three different bottles to choose from and I was able to pick which one I wanted. My favorite color is blue so of course I picked the blue lettering bottle. The other two were absolutely awesome looking as well, one was green that says “Hose Water” and the other one had beautiful humming birds on them. A hard choice but I got it done.

Faucet Face 100 Liters of Clean water WAHMReview

Inside the bottle is a tiny slip of paper and it states, “Each bottle you buy will provide a minimum 100 liters of clean water for a family in rural India.” How amazing is this company? People in India are dying due to being forced to drink contaminated water full of parasites, worms, and other horrid, toxic organisms.

Faucet Face believes in BioSand Filters to help the people of India. BioSand Filters are a simple filter made of concrete. This concrete holds several layers of sand that traps and contains sediments, pathogens, and other impurities in the water. To build a BioSand Filter costs very little and requires no money to use. These filters eliminate 90-95% of impurities in the water. That is a great percentage! Faucet Face’s non-profit partners, TMA, employ local Indian people to build these filters and distribute them to their neighbors that are in need.

When a person buys between 1 and 4 bottles a portion of the sales will be combined with other customer’s purchases to make these filters. When 5 bottles are purchased one whole filter can be made. Wow! How generous is that?

So….is Faucet Face all it’s cracked up to be?


Faucet Face taste test WAHMReview

I washed and filled my bottle up with icy cold water and put the bottle to the taste test. Amazing. It was cold and refreshing. The water in the bottle did not taste at all anything like the plastic bottled water. It was crisp and had zero aftertaste. Yummy!

This product is truly changing my way of consuming water. I will never buy a case of water again! Go over to Faucet Face’s website and check out their bottles and read more about the BioSand filters. Also make sure to head on over to there facebook page as well!

I received these products for free to base this review on. All opinions are honest and mine alone.

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