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Wahm Reviewer – Mary Madalene

I received this product for free to base this review on. Like always all of my opinions are my own.


From day one my blog has been something to put my words out there in the blog universe.  A few months have gone by now and I can honestly tell you that it was hard at first to get the words down on paper or on here. The reason being? Because I didn’t know where to start, I know I wanted to get those thoughts out there, I didn’t have a set schedule. I honestly started with what I knew best. Product Reviews. When it comes down to it I didn’t have the appropriate planner or scheduler to help me put my idea’s in order with what I wanted to write about.

Now mind you I wanted to have a space to talk about spirituality because it means something to me. I wanted to share what I knew about it and how I can help other’s know about the different religions, because well I find it fascinating.

I have been looking around for blog planners and a scheduler for the past little while and I was having a hard time trying to figure out which one I should go with. I also had many questions. Would it fit in with my blog? Who should I go with? Where will I start? and finally How will it help me?

52 week blog success planner

I look at a few different bloggers to get some of their feedback on which is a good one to have, and everyone that I talked to said to try Simple and Vanessa. I did read a review on my friend’s blog and I approached Vanessa if she would like to have another review done. I was really excited when she said YES! Down below is my review on her 52 Week Blog Success Planner.


This is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted something that I was able to easily interpret. I wanted something that I could easily print off and keep in my binder or be able to edit and save my ideas right in the editable document.


I knew I found the JACKPOT. The jackpot that would help me run my blog more smoothly and with ease.

It even helps to know who is networking with you on your social media accounts. Who’s following you , who has engaged with you the most. Now mind you will have to use your brain power here to write down those who have had that engagement on your many different social media accounts (if you want to that is, but I suggest that you do so you can know about your readership).


It has also helped me to write down my goals a few weeks prior so  I know exactly what content I want to create, what day to post them, and where to share them.

Now with being diagnosed with ADD/ADHD (since a young age, and extends into my adulthood),  I needed something to keep me on track and organized or I would be all over the place and this has really really really helped me out. I can not stress that enough. So I want to thank you again Vanessa! It has been a pleasure getting to know you and be able to use your 52 week planner 🙂 .

Simple and Vanessa offer some great deals on other items in the Etsy shop such as the Blog Success Planner that I have, or customizable logo and banners, to complete Blog Design at an excellent price point.

I know in the future I want to get a logo and banner made up and sometime next year I know I want an overhaul done on the blog. I know exactly who I will be going to. I’ve looked around at a lot of theme’s and their price points and love that fact that Simple and Vanessa is really affordable and in my price range (and I don’t have to worry about coding or a lot of the “back-end” stuff).

Now most of you are probably saying : Where can I find her?

You can find her here:







Now for you my dear readers are you looking to start your own blog? Well then this 52 week Blog Success Planner will help you from day 1.  Vanessa is also offering you a discounted code to use on your purchase of the Blog Success Planner. Use BFFLOVE at checkout to get $3.00 off!

Trust me you will want to do this as well , when you sign up for Simple and Vanessa’s email subscription you will also get a 4 week blog and social content calendar as well! Now how cool is that? Sign up here and stay tuned for any new items she comes up with.


What do you use to stay organized for your blog?



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