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WAHM Reviewer ~ Laura Heinle


Pathways to Happiness is owned and run by Emily Young. She offers a variety of different types of sessions to help you on your pathway to happiness. Sessions include: The Emotion Code, The Body Code, The Balance Procedure, Angel Card Readings, Law of Attraction, Quantum Touch, and Meditation. Each one is described in more detail on her site HERE

energy healing session.


I was selected to receive an Emotion Code session from Emily. We did this via facebook chat, which worked out perfectly for me as it could be done in real time, but I didn’t have to worry about my kids being noisy in the background. It only took about 30 minutes from start to finish.
Emily was very in depth and spot on with a lot of her readings. I have never had this type of reading and did not know what to expect at all. I was pleasantly surprised. Throughout the reading, she would list an emotion that was blocking my path and at what age it started. Then she would go through her process of releasing that block. In all, she listed and cleared 9 emotions for me. I really did feel more at ease once she was done. It was almost like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.
I highly recommend contacting Emily if you feel blocked in any way. She definitely has a gift and knows how to use it.
For the rest of January, she is holding a half off sale on all of her sessions. Be sure to book a session with her before that is up! It’s a great deal and you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth.
You can find Pathways to Happiness at and on Facebook at




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