COVERGIRL VoxBox products from influenster: Plumpify mascara and OhSugar lipbalm #TruNaked experience

 COVERGIRL VoxBox products from influenster: Plumpify mascara and OhSugar lipbalm
 #TruNaked experience

Disclaimer: I received in my voxbox. All free in exchange for review. #Igotitfree+Influenster # #COVERGIRL #VoxBox products from #influenster: #Plumpify #OhSugar #TruNaked experience #Voxbox whoo!

Hello everyone,
Today I am sharing with you the goodies I received from *

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the eye shadow palette but I didn’t receive it in my voxbox not all influenster members got the eye shadow but I really wanted too.  I was so excited when I got my voxbox that I thought it was in the package but I did not get it.

I did get the Plumpify mascara in very black and the OhSugar lipbalm. in 04 Taffy Tire.
I think the pictures can speak for me and you can tell the different just a bit of mascara and lipbalm can make. The mascara was a soft black and looked great when I tested it. The twist wand swirled across my eye lashes really made my eyes pop as I have pale blond eye lashes and I can tell how long my eye lashes are with the Plumpify mascara.  I recommend the mascara to all of my friends to try

The Ohsugar lipbalm in 04 Taffy tire was so light and felt very soft on my lips. It was the perfect matching shade when I applied it the lipstick looked like a tinted lipbalm on me. I recommend the Oh sugar to all of my friends to try. They come in all kinds of shades I can’t wait to try more

#Ohsugar #Covergirl #pimpify
I have pale blonde eye brows and eye lashes so mascara is something I use almost daily.  You can really see the different the right side has no make up the left has only the mascara.
As you can see a bit of shine on my lips how natural looking the #ohsugar in 04 Taffy tire looks like a tinted lip balm because that’s what it is only it looks like lipstick and applies like lipstick. The plumpify took almost no effort to pump up my eye lashes.

If you are interested in signing up I gain nothing in return other then street creed and a chance of getting even more voxboxs.  

*Influenster is a company that sends out products for their members to test out. Testing products is free to try however you do need to fill out questionnaires and see if you pre qualify for voxboxs. 
You can review products, discover product reviews and make new friends along the way.  There are fun brand challanges to complete and you get rewarded after with points and the more active you are the more likley you are to qualify for the next voxboxes that come out.

It is by invite only so consider this your personal invite. 

I have had 5 people sign up under me so far and they all are having a ton of fun taking surveys and unlocking brand badges.  I haven’t received anything when they sign up though. I just get the good karma that I share some fun with my friends.
They give out 20 invites per member and I have 15 left. 
Sign up before you miss out! 




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