Ok-first off this is a LADIES only Review. Well…..unless you are a dad with daughters…then maybe you should check it out too.  HelloFlo is subscription type service for that wonderful time of the month that all ladies experience. They offer Care Packages, Monthly Plans, a blog full of advice and just about anything you could ask for to make your time of the month better.









I contacted them to do a review for 2 reasons. One, I’m the mother of two girls. The oldest is 9 and I see her changing daily. The other is because my alter ego is a part time school nurse who teaches puberty classes to 5th grade girls. I explained my situation and asked what they thought would be best. The emailed me a file for use in my class and sent me a “Period Starter Kit” care package.





I must say, both as a nurse and a mom I was leery and a bit nervous about what I would get. What would they say? How would they explain things? Would I approve as a mom and as a nurse? Well…..I must say I was VERY impressed.
First, on the nurse side, the pdf they emailed me was wonderful. I’ve been using a video from a well-known feminine hygiene products manufacturer. It’s a good video, but it gets little interaction from the students and it’s a bit dated. The info they sent me is step by step instructions (even with time suggestions) on leading a discussion. None of the info was awkward. It was factual and easy. With kids this age everything is so sensitive. You want to make them aware, but not afraid. You want them to feel comfortable talking about things like puberty but in the right situations. I usually do my class in the spring and I can’t wait to use this info. I think it will help the students feel more comfortable with themselves, and with me.
Now on to the mom side….. The kit they sent had fun stuff and necessary stuff too. I showed it to my 9 yo and she was wowed! However, she was a little disappointed when I told her we were going to save even the fun stuff until she needed. That’s one of the great things about this kit. You get a good surprise something happy and fun and even though it’s little it’s just one of those things that will make a scary time a little bit better. The kit also had a letter for parents and kids. As a mom, I recommended reading both. That way you know what your daughter is reading and are aware of how to handle any questions she might have. I am a fairly conservative parent. So I didn’t want my kid learning anything from anyone else, that she should be learning from me.
















The info they have for parents is comforting and spot on. It gives you suggestions and guides on how to talk to your daughter. I really can’t recommend this part of the product enough. Knowing that the info you are giving your child is honest and true and not something to be afraid of is a great comfort. No, they don’t give you a script to follow, but you certainly have a great idea of where to start and how things should go.
The info for girls is really amazing too. I felt comfortable letting my 9 yo read it, knowing she wasn’t getting too much info and she wasn’t getting too little either. I asked her how she felt after reading it. She said, well….it was sort of scary, weird and different. I didn’t get the feeling that she thought the info was scary but that the changes were. Which to be honest, they are. I still remember being terrified myself. However, with this info, it doesn’t have to be as scary. It’s very honest and factual and tries to help girls understand that it’s O.K to be scared, but this is a normal part of life and every woman goes through it.

Honestly, the first thing I did after I read the info was to text several of my friends and tell them they must check out this info for their daughters. It would be very helpful. When I talked to the principal of my school about changing what I use for my class she was very supportive and even suggested that in the info I send to parents I make sure I direct them to the HelloFlo site.
Thankfully this company offers more items than just that for young girls. Even though I didn’t get to review those products, I can honestly say that as impressed as I was with what I got, I’d definitely be willing to check out their other items.







So if you are a woman, a mom or dad of a daughter, check out HelloFlo and let them help you make a situation that could be scary and really uncomfortable, much better.

For more info check them out at http://www.helloflo.com or on Facebook at http://www.fb.com/gohelloflo

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