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I received these products for free to base this review on. All thoughts and written words are my own.
Several months ago my friend Jamie mentioned she and her hubby were doing something called a 24 day challenge with the company called Advocare. I had heard of it before from an online friend, but did not really know anything about it.

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So I listened to Jamie talk about how she was not sure how much weight or inches she’d lost, but her clothes were fitting better. How she had gone from needing several cups of coffee to get thru the day to just one. I also started observing her. She acted like she had more energy and she was looking great. We see each other often and I could still tell by the way her clothes fit that something was working.

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So….I bit the bullet and decided to try a 24 day challenge myself. I must admit the first 10 days with the herbal cleanse day were hard, but not because I was hungry all the time or felt wiped out, but because the herbal cleanse fiber drink is kinda icky, but then I figured out to mix it with a little OJ and chug it and it wasn’t half bad.

I noticed a change in my energy level right away. I had gone from feeling like I would fall over if I didn’t take a nap every single day to being very productive and actually getting things done! Spark is the name of the energy drink they offer and it’s amazing.

I was blown away with the food plan and all I could eat. I wasn’t missing out on anything. I’ll be completely honest with you, I am a CHEATER! I cheat on every single diet/food plan or whatever, I just do. It’s who I am I guess….so yes I cheated with this too, BUT- and this is a HUGE one….my butt was getting smaller. I was losing weight and inches. I am already down a pants size (and the new pants size is already loose) I’m not sure exactly how many inches I’ve lost but I’m down nearly 10lbs.

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This company’s products are even used by professional athletes, such as Drew Breeze and Olympic Athletes. Even one of my favorite authors and all around great guys Dr. Kevin Leman uses Advocare. I was even so impressed that I decided to become a distributor. I knew I had Jamie right there to help me along the way. Any questions I had or still do have, she could answer or get the answer for me. There’s a great support system with Advocare thru other members and multiple Facebook pages and groups.

If you are interested in learning more you can contact Jamie at or
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