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I received this product for free to base this review on. Like always all of my opinions are my own.

When I started the homeschooling journey four years ago, I wanted to help my children memorize God’s word. We started off small, just one short verse a week. We still do one verse a week, but I mix in some longer verses every now and then. I’ve been using a really great tool using index cards, and it’s been working wonderfully. All four of my children can tell you at least a few of the memory verses we’ve studied in the past.

However, I wanted more. I wanted a simple way to have that week’s memory verse available to each of us throughout the day. Not just during our school time when we take our or “Scripture Memory Box.” I also thought it would be cool to work on my own memory verses. To have a visual reminder of what I needed to be for my husband, my kids, my friends, etc. That’s why I was so happy to have stumbled across Keeplets. Here was my answer!

Keeplets  1

Keeplets are these simple, yet wonderful bracelets that keep scripture attached right to your wrist! Right where we all need it! Actually, they are much more! Not only do they carry bracelets, they have key fobs, bookmarks and taglets. There is also a wide variety of fabric to choose from, so there is something there to suit everyone.

Keeplets  2

Each variation of the Keeplet has a clear window where you place your verse. The bracelet has a snap closure with three different settings, to allow for different sizes. The key fob has a swivel clasp to allow you to attach it wherever you desire. The taglets are basically a mini version of the bracelet with only one snap. You can attach them to just about anything. The bookmarks are just a flat version of the bracelet without a snap.

Keeplets  3

I received two bracelets and a tag-let for this review. I don’t think I even had the package fully opened and my oldest son was begging to have one. He chose the “orange leaf” bracelet and a verse to go in it right away. He’s been wearing it daily. He chose a verse to help remind him to be kind to his siblings. He said it has really helped him remember to think before he speaks.

I put the taglet on my purse right away also. I’ve had a few people notice it and comment on how useful something like that could be. I am finding it very useful in my daily life. I notice it each time I grab my purse and take a moment to read the verse I chose to place inside the pocket.
I also laid claim to one of the bracelets. I have been wearing it for a couple of weeks now and it is so comfortable. There are no rough edges that scratch and with the three different size settings, it’s not binding at all.

Keeplets  4

They also have available verse templates that make it simple for you to just print and cut what you like. If you want to customize it to suit your needs, they have provided a blank template for you to edit. Both of these can be found
Overall, I am very impressed with the quality of Keeplets. I can really tell that Jennifer has put a lot of care into each item she creates.
You can find your own Keeplet at can also be found on Facebook.


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