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May 29, 2016

I had the pleasure of reviewing The Wonder Seed.

I was beyond excited to receive and review on behalf of
Theresa the Co founder of The Wonder Seed. I am grateful
that Mary chose me to do this review.

It is so hard to find where to begin with these marvelous
products. I love everything about them from the packaging
to the size of the full size products to the scents and of
course the way these products make my skin feel.

The Wonder Seed unboxing

I love that for full size products they can go anywhere
with you from your home shower to the shower at the gym.

What impressed me was the silver protection cover which
you need to remove before using the product which ensures
freshness. That seal is important I think as you feel
more secure in knowing the company has taken the extra
step to lock in freshness and avoid contamination. I know
it may seem funny that I mention this but I have noticed
lately when I buy orange juice that they no longer have
that seal of protection. It is important as a consumer to
feel secure that your item hasn’t been contaminated with
and is sealed from the manufacturer. Anyways just my two
cents for what it is worth.

On to these fabulous little gems. So when I received them
I tried it naturally on my hands first. I smelled, felt,
applied, and enjoyed the feeling of each of the three

I received the Hemp Seed Facial Cleanser in English Daisy,
the Hemp Seed Facial Scrub in Water Lotus, and the Hemp
Seed Facial Cream – Water Lotus.

I really loved the scents. They were not at all overpowering but
subtle with just that ahhh feeling as you took it all in. The
textures of the products are light and airy. The cleanser
is clear but turned into a light foam as you apply. The
facial scrub is delicate and the granules are tiny and
not hard or harsh on the skin and seem evenly dispersed.
The facial cream is light and soft for the most delicate
of skins. It gives radiance and packs a lot of moisture
without residue or any greasy feeling. Leaving the skin
soft, dewy, moisturized, even, and gives a subtle over all

This morning I used these three delectable products. They
fit beautifully by my sink. It was such a pleasure to use
after I brushed my teeth and while I prepped to get ready
to head out to the gym. Let me tell you I am a soap and
water kind of girl. This routine was simple and easy and
took maybe only a minute or two.

I have very dry skin from having hypothyroidism. My face
especially is dry and over the last year has become
sensitive. I guess the fact that I will turn 45 in a few
days also has my skin sensitive. Sometimes I wake up with
redness on my cheeks and may have the odd pimple/breakout
from hormonal changes. From one use of these products on my
face; my face is moisturized, soft, radiant, and feels
incredible for the first time in a very long time.


Over the last year I somehow got eczema on my hands, and on
my elbows. From one use of these products on my hands I
can tell you I have a big difference in my eczema.


I love that this company is dong it right by being 100%
natural, vegan, with no parabens, and no artificial colors
or perfumes. They don’t test on animals and are eco-
conscious. The products are rich in virgin organic
hempseed oil. I mean it is no wonder that they have so
many excellent reviews and have won the best facial
moisturizer award. Congrats to Theresa that is HUGE!

I am eager to try out more of their products especially
their shampoo and body wash.

Our biggest organ is our skin. More and more people are
becoming more conscious of what they put on their skin as
we have learned that the ingredients we use on our skin
get absorbed into our bodies. It is important to know what
you put on and in your body.

I cannot wait to use these products right to the very end
and see what a difference it makes on my skin. I can tell
you though as I sit here writing this that hours later and
my skin feels incredibly soft and moisturized. Thank you
Theresa…My face thanks you!

The Wonder Seed

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