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We are a medley of moms sharing our experiences with you. Down below you will find a little tidbit of information on each of our bloggers in our Wahm community. We strive to help and support you in your work at home business along with sharing experiences from our own lives. You may not recognize the company name yet, but I think it will become widespread and known throughout the world-wide web community.

Wahm Review was established in 2013 and we have upgraded and have a new owner.

Get to know Wahm Owner Mary Madalene

Hi and Welcome to Wahm Reviews! I am glad you are here. I am the new owner of WahmReviews. I am a single work at home mom to 2 wonderful girls and we live in Brantford, Ontario which is not far from Niagara Falls or Toronto. In my spare time I enjoy reading, meditating, listening to music and going on color runs in and around Ontario. I also like to volunteer within my local community.

Get to know Wahm Reviewer Kristina

Kristina Mumma
I am a coffee loving wife/mom/entrepreneur! I love spending time with my family whether it’s hiking our favorite trail, playing board games, creating in the kitchen, snuggling up while reading a good book or watching movies. I love reading, having coffee talk with girlfriends and enjoying the peacefulness of the outdoors and hearing my kiddos talk & laugh. I am a Holistic Health Practitioner and the owner of Health, Happiness & Good Food. I LOVE finding/reviewing products and services from our fabulous sponsors that improve mind-body-spirit wellness in a variety of ways! I believe in daily acts of kindness, spreading happiness and reflecting on the positive moments of each day.

Get to know Wahm Reviewer Melissa

Hi, my name is Melissa McClure. I live in Northern Michigan where it is typically frigid cold 9 out of 12 months of the year.  I am happily married to my best friend, Hank, and together we have two amazing sons, Jayden, 8 years old, and Gavin, 5 years old. We have 3 Pomeranians, 1 cat, and a hamster. As you can tell we love animals. My passion, besides my family, is health and fitness, and children. I own a 5 star state licensed child care and I am also a health and fitness coach with Beachbody. I am lucky to be able to do two jobs that I absolutely love.

Get to know Wahm Reviewer Cecily

Hi I’m Cecily. I’m a mostly stay at home mom and very part-time school nurse. I’ve been married to my college sweetheart for the last 17 years. We have 3 great kids, an amazing teenage son, and 2 beautiful daughters, one a tween and the other still loving being the baby of the family. We live in the middle of nowhere in Southern MO, where we raise chickens, goats, cats, fish, a turtle, and occasionally a meat rabbit or 30. I love learning about things that will make my life easier, make it safer and make it healthier. On top of that I have a huge crafty side where I like to sew, decorate cakes and do whatever else I can get my hands on.

Get to know Wahm Reviewer Laura

Hi, I’m Laura. My husband and I live in South Dakota with our 5 awesome kids. When it’s not a frozen ice box out there, we love to go camping. Walking the trails and being in the outdoors is so refreshing! We are a fun, homeschooling family who like to experience our learning right along with life. We are a pretty natural family, turning to herbal remedies first. We’ve used cloth diapers on all of our children and wear them all of the time. I personally enjoy crocheting and sewing, when I’m not busy with the kids. We sell our handmade items in our online store Prairie Peace Creations.

Get to know Wahm Reviewer Kathy

Hi, I am Kathy Crow. I am the clinical director for a boy’s group home. I do therapy with delinquent boys. I have been a psychotherapists for about 38 years and dearly love my job. I am married and we have two grown children and four beautiful grandchildren. I enjoy seeing and reading. My husband and I enjoy traveling and visiting our kids. I am currently working on trying to slow down at work, setting up a care team for a friend with cancer and making several different crafts. My mother believed in having a lot of different skills.


Get to know Wahm Reviewer Kathy M


Hi there, my name is Kathy-Ann Mohammed. I live in Canada’s Capital city. I am blessed with a wonderful husband and 2 wonderful kids 19 and 17. I am a avid tea drinker. I am a work at home mom/homemaker/entrepreneur for Stella and Dot , and Silver Icing. Currently I am learning Arabic which at 44, is difficult but rewarding.


Get to know Wahm Reviewer Amanada


Hi everyone! I’m Amanda! I was born and raised in Toronto Ontario Canada but moved to the United States and now I live in a small town called Otsego, Michigan. I am a 32 year old married to Adam who is 42 years old. My husband works as an area sells rep, I am a stay at home mom to an 8 year old girl who has cebreal palsy and 22q deletion syndrome. She has a mild form of both. I also am a step-mom to three teenagers who are entering young adulthood.

Wahm Reviewer Amie

Hello! My name is Amie Kelp, happy wife of 17 years and mother of three beautiful girls, a teen, a tween and a seven year old, who all love to live life to the fullest and keep me super busy and involved! I love running my own small boutique, Ruby Loop, out of my home and as well as selling in a few local shops. A passion for creating one of a kind designs of children’s clothing and hair accessories, natural skin care and spa goodies keeps my creative juices flowing! I love embracing the Proverbs 31 woman through my charity, 31 Dresses, supported by Ruby Loop and a network of amazing woman! Our family has a passion for God, music, food, Star Wars, super heroes, family and friends….not necessarily in that order! We live in a suburb in Michigan that allows us the small pace of a country life, but we are also close enough to city life that we are never bored!

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