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WAHMReviewer – Amie Kelp

I was excited to have the opportunity to review for Grey and Green! Jen has a similar passion as mine for going as natural as possible with bath and body care and after talking with her a bit and learning more about her SLS and detergent free soaps, I was so ready to try out her products. I love that she uses natural bases for her lotions and body butters, as well as a wide variety of essential and fragrance oils.

Green and Grey Products

I received a sweet little package a few days later from Grey and Green and I opened it with excitement! Wrapped in little organza bags were yummy little containers of body butter, a lotion bar, a coffee scrub, Tardis molded hand soaps and a sweet little rose shaped coconut milk soap with a banana fragrance that was amazingly yummy!

Immediately I opened each little tub and loved all of the fragrances and couldn’t decide which to try first! Since it was mid afternoon and I didn’t have time to lather up and indulge head to toe in banana fragrance of the coconut milk soap, I went for the Whipped Body Butter scented with Margarita Lime which was sweet with a perfect hint of lime. I applied a bit to the back of my hand to test out the fragrance on me and to feel the consistency of the Shea butter, Coconut oil, Almond oil and fragrance blend. Super yummy and refreshing fragrance! After using this whipped body butter a few times, I continued to love the lime scent and the whipped blend absorbed well into my skin. There was an exfoliant of some sort blended into the butter that I did not personally care for, but overall I really enjoyed it and it’s summery fragrance.

Lotion Bar
The second little tin that I opened was the Grey and Green Lotion Bar. This Orange Cream Vanilla scented bar was so interesting to me! I love the concept of a “bar” of lotion! How many times have I had a bottle of lotion leak in my purse or drop it to have it bust open and make a mess! Lol…I was ready to try this lotion bar of coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax with orange cream vanilla fragrance. Can you imagine an orange creamsicle moisturizing your skin? Yummy! I might add, this layered with the Margarita Lime Whipped body butter was sooooooo yumalicious! Back to the lotion bar…it comes in a little silver tin and was cylinder in shape, I tipped the tin upside down to get the lotion to pop out in my hand. I wasn’t sure exactly how to “apply” the lotion, so I just rubbed it on the back of my hand and plenty came off on my hands as I held it too. I put the bar back in the tin and massaged in the lotion that was on my skin from the bar. This one has beeswax in it, which I assume helps hold some of its shape and firmness of the bar, but beeswax also gives extra protection for the skin locking in moisture, which I love…but that also means it takes a little longer to absorb into the skin like most natural based products. I don’t mind this because I know the many benefits of the ingredients. I did have one funny moment with the lotion bar while applying it at bedtime one night. As I was trying to rub the bar on the heels of my feet, the warmth of my hands made the bar a bit slippery and it slipped out of my hands just like a bar of soap in the shower flying across the room! Lol…I have been a bit more careful since then and have not sent the lotion bar flying! This would be a perfect way to travel with lotion, esp when flying and you don’t want a lotion bottle leaking in your toiletries bag!

Keeping up with the summery scents, I tried the Grey and Green coconut milk banana soap. This soap has a very yummy banana scent and has a nice lather to it. I don’t think it was as cleansing as I needed after workouts, but I found it a great luxury soap and was perfect for layering with other fruity summer scents.




The Tardis soaps from Dr. Who, I have been saving for my daughter’s birthday, but she caught a glimpse of them and was over the top excited! She is a HUGE Dr. Who fan and I don’t know if she will choose to use the soaps or keep them as fun “trinkets” to display with all of her fun girly favorite items…either way, she LOVES them and that is all that matters when it comes to molded decorative soaps! These are perfect for any Dr. Who fan! Jen has a variety of other molded soaps that were a lot of fun! Everything from Hello Kitty to pink little hand guns…lol…those would be a perfect gift for some one!

The last item I enjoyed from Grey and Green was the Orange Coffee Sugar Scrub. This was a great pick me up in the morning, whether I used it head to toe in the shower or as a quick hand scrub to exfoliate and add a bit of moisture when washing my hands. The coffee and white sugar scrub was a nice exfoliant, without being too harsh or scratchy. I love the coffee and orange scent, but I would like to have just a bit more of the almond oil base to help hold the coffee grounds together a bit more and that extra touch of moisture that I love from almond oil, but others might find that to be a bit too “oily” if they don’t care for natural oil moisturizers. This would already have the perfect consistency for them!

Be sure to check out Grey and Green on facebook or at her Etsy shop.

Shea Butter Whipped Body Lotion – $4.50

Dr. Who Dalek and Tardis set – $3.00

Coconut Milk soap – $2.50

Shae Butter Lotion Bar – starting at $2.00

Orange Spice coffee sugar scrub – starting at $5.00



I received these products for free to base this review on. All opinions are honest and mine alone.

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