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Younique Sunless Tanner

So…..once again when my friend Tammy asked for someone to check out a new Younique product, I jumped at it!! I am a ghost. So anything that makes me look less ghost like, I’m all for. That fact that it’s a product from one of my favorite companies, is a definite bonus.

You’ve got 3 choices, a lotion, a spray or an instant bronzer.  The bronzer washes off in the shower. I wanted something that would last longer, so I didn’t choose it.The lotion was what I was looking at, but it was on back order. So I went with the spray. I actually think it was more appropriate for what I wanted anyway. I didn’t want to go home ghost white and show up at work and everyone think—oh she got a fake bake tan last night. The spray from what I’m told is a lighter tan.


   My New Spray.


Tiny but mighty.

So when I got the bottle of spray, I must say I was a bit surprised. It’s tiny, as you can see in the picture there by the soda can. So instantly I messaged Tammy and said “I sure hope a little goes a long way with this.” She assured me it did. She said it covers an entire body twice. Well….I’m only spraying my legs (I run so I’ve already got some color on my face and arms-yes I use sunscreen!!) She figured I get 4 or 5 applications at least.

So off I went to make sure my legs were clean, dry, exfoliated and shaved. I hopped out of the shower and sprayed my legs, rubbed in the spray and washed my hands. I just used a light spray I wasn’t sure how dark it would turn me. Well….first things first….that stuff dries almost INSTANTLY!! Oh hallelujah! Finally a spray tan I can use and get dressed right away!! Totally LOVE LOVE LOVE this. I noticed a change within seconds. Then I checked back 15 minutes later and an hour later. It was slight, but it was there.

This is what it looked like 24 hours later. I was a happy girl. Now…it might not look like much to you. But…to me it was exactly what I wanted. As I mentioned earlier, I’m a runner. I occasionally have to tape my legs due to shin splints. Well….when I pulled the tape off, the tan came off with it. Which, I completely expected, it happened when I had a spray tan done as well. But, the great thing is, I’m probably the only one who would notice it and reapplication of the spray worked great!

I’m sold! I love this stuff! If you want to learn more, contact Tammy Ward at http://www.lashgirlparty.com or on Facebook



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Baby it’s Cold Outside, try this Southwestern Slow Cooker Chicken and Potato Soup Recipe to Warm you Up

Wahm Reviewer Cecily

This is actually a recipe I found a long time ago in a weight watcher forum. I usually make it up a few times in the winter months when it gets really cold outside when we need something to warm us up. Its easy, healthy and super tasty. We often add sour cream, cheese and corn or tortilla chips too.

Picture from http://aka.weightwatchers.com/images/1033/dynamic/foodandrecipes/2007/01/southwestchickensoup_n_lg.jpg Picture from http://aka.weightwatchers.com/images/1033/dynamic/foodandrecipes/2007/01/southwestchickensoup_n_lg.jpg%5B/caption%5D

Southwestern Slow Cooker Chicken and Potato Soup

3/4 pound uncooked boneless, skinless chicken breast, cut into 1-inch cubes
2 medium sweet potato(es), peeled, cut into 1-inch cubes
1 large onion(s), chopped
29 oz canned diced tomatoes, salsa-style with chiles, undrained
14 1/2 oz fat-free chicken broth
1 tsp dried oregano
1/2 tsp ground cumin
1 1/2 cup frozen corn kernels, not thawed
Mix all ingredients, except corn, in a 4-quart or larger slow cooker; cover and cook on low heat for 6 hours.
Stir in corn and cover slow cooker; cook on high heat until chicken is no longer pink in center and vegetables are tender, about 30 minutes more. Yields about 1 1/4 cups per serving.

I LOVE ShaveMob! #Skincare #nomorehair #ShaveSmarter

WAHM Reviewer- Cecily Butler

SHAVE MOB~~~~~Again!!



Remember way back a LONG time ago, okay it was actually almost a year ago. I did this review.

Well, I’m back to talk to you once again about ShaveMob. I can honestly say I’ve been using ShaveMob razors since I got my first kit back in January. I LOVE them. They are great quality for the price to be sure.

Well, the company contacted me and wanted to let me know (so I could pass this great info on to all of you) that they have a GREAT new stocking stuffer!!!!  The kit includes one of their great handles, and not 1 but 2 different sets of cartridges and a cute little mustache monocle.  You can get all this for a great price too!!!

REMEMBER order by DEC 17th for Christmas delivery!!


Plus, they have a great new commercial—you can check it out on youtube here
The commercial is cute, but….they need to focus on their great ladies products too!! However, when it comes down to it, why not get the people you love something they’ll love!!

PS—after the first of the year they are coming out with a shaving cream too!!!!!

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WAHMReviewer – Cecily Butler

I received this product for free to base this review on. Like always all of my opinions are my own.

I jumped at the chance to review ShaveMob’s women’s razors. I contacted Johan and his response was almost immediate. I got my package right away and was delighted to find one handle and 4 each of two different types of blades. It doesn’t hurt that this girl likes pink and that’s the color the handle was!

Shavemob Women WAHMReview

Now, when you think about razors you don’t normally sit there and inspect them in and out. Honestly- I’m a ‘thrifty shopper’, that sounds so much better than cheap. But I will stock up at the after Christmas sales and purchase those gift sets with razors in them just so I can get them cheaper. Well….I never want to buy the replacement heads because they are SO expensive. Plus, honestly, have you ever tried to replace the heads…I’m afraid I’m gonna break the handle.

NOT with ShaveMob razors. The part of the handle that connects to the head—-is METAL!!! You aren’t gonna break it, unless you seriously try. Plus the handle itself is a really nice size. It’s not to big, it’s not too small, and it’s ergonomically correct (I guess that would be the correct way to say that, lol). But it fits in your hand great. I’ve cut myself shaving just because the handle was difficult to hold (I know, I’m super graceful). The quality of how these razors are made is unbeatable.

Now—how do these razors shave….well, just like the quality of the handle, the quality of the blades is great. I tried both versions of the 6 blade head called the Perfectionist. This is what the site says about this particular head

  • 6 stainless steel, precision-cut blades
  • Optional Flexible head for a perfect-smooth around curves
    Lubricating strip containing vitamin E, aloe, lavender oil
  • Non-clogging Flow-through blade design
  • Pivot head with ergonomic handle angle
  • Replaceable cartridge razor
  • Non-slip handle

The larger head has the flexible area between two sets of three blades. I have zero complaints on either. The both are exceptional. One month’s worth (four heads and a handle) of the larger flexible head will run you $12.99, where as the non flexible head is $11.99. Honestly, it’s just a preference thing, I really liked them both. My legs are smooth, I’m happy! Plus, I did not cut myself, and that always helps.

One of the things I also loved about this product was the packaging. They don’t waist a ton of paper, cardboard or anything else on their pacaking, and it’s unique. When you add ShaveMob offers FREE (yes FREE) shipping, you’ve made me one happy customer! I was so happy in fact that I bought my hubby his own set for Christmas! He loves his too!!

Shavemob In the Bathroom WAHMReview

You can find ShaveMob at http://www.ShaveMob.com or on Facebook athttp://www.facebook.com/shavemob


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Make My Maxi : Calling all #Fashionistas

WahmReviewer Cecily Bulter

I received these products for free to base this review on. All thoughts and written words are my own.

When I saw that Make My Maxi was up for a review I jumped at the chance.  I messaged Rachel and discussed options for the review and we decided on her headwraps. I chose a gray one, because I like neutrals and then asked her to surprise me with a black and white one because she had such a variety of black and white choices. The school I work for, and my kids attend, colors are black and white. She sent me an adorable chevron one. And there was a coupon for another one too!!!

Make My Maxi WAHMReview Photo 1

She was very quick with her responses even when I was not so quick with mine. Rachel works out of her home so she can spend time with her two young daughters. I love being able to do business with a person or company that I know I helping directly. Rachel makes headwraps, maxi skirts, circle skirts and more for both grown up and little girls. You can send her fabric or chose from fabric she has. Her items are very reasonable considering the time she spends making these items herself. She does adjust pricing based on whether you send her the fabric or she supplies it. You can find pictures of available fabric, and instructions for order on her Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/MakeMyMaxi , there’s a link to her etsy shop right there on the page as well.

Make My Maxi WAHMReview Photo 2

She was very quick with sending out my head-wraps. I was super excited to get the package in the mail. I love them both headwraps are stretchy enough to fit me and both of my daughters. Plus they are both made of super soft fabric. They are also very versatile. You can wear them multiple ways. You can wear them wide and over your ears, or with the ‘knot’ in front, or fold them or scrunch them up to make the narrow. They are not too loose and not to tight. Kind of reminds me of “The Three Bears”, they fit just right!

Make My Maxi WAHMReview Photo 6

If you’d like more info on the products Rachel sells feel free to contact her at the Facebook page above or at makemymaxi@gmail.com

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Robin’s Soap Shoppe – #Handmade #Skincare Products

WAHM REVIEWER- Cecily Butler

I was sent item’s to base this review on, all of my thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Robin’s Soap Shoppe

I have a friend in KY who when faced with the difficult decision of how to support her family decided to go back to what she knew best, soap making. Robin’s Soap Shoppe has been making cold process soap since 2002. In that time she’s made nearly 3000 bars of soap!! She makes the soaps out of her home by herself or with the help of her two teenage daughters. She’s a one woman show!! Robin is an army veteran and a single mother of 4. What makes Robin’s story more amazing is that she does this while fighting debilitating anxiety and arthritis.

Robin's Soap Shoppe

Robin’s soap Shoppe soaps are made with essential oils and fragrance oils. On top of smelling great they look beautiful too!!! I was so excited when I opened my box and found two of the most beautiful looking soaps I’d ever seen. I chose her Super Gardener soap. I love to get out and dig in the dirt and thought my hands would enjoy the pampering. I almost didn’t want to use the soap it was so pretty. It smelled amazing, clean and flowery at the same time, without being heavily perfumed or over powering.

Soap Robin's Soap Shoppe

This soap will totally change your thinking about soap. No longer will the 6 pack of cheap bar soap from the discount store work.  When you see the artwork and the time it takes to make these beautiful soaps you will never go back.

Robin sells her soaps through her Etsy shop Robin’s Soap Shoppe which I encourage you to visit and read more about her story and her journey into soap making. She also details the arduous process of making cold process soap. You can also check out her salves.

You can also follow her on facebook.  Robin’s Soap Shoppe on Facebook

Also, the pictures in this review were taken by Robin. She is an excellent photographer as well. I knew any pictures I took would not do her soaps justice.

Advocare with Jamie Dixon

WAHMReviewer – Cecily Butler

I received these products for free to base this review on. All thoughts and written words are my own.
Several months ago my friend Jamie mentioned she and her hubby were doing something called a 24 day challenge with the company called Advocare. I had heard of it before from an online friend, but did not really know anything about it.

Advocare Jamie Dixon WAHMReview 1

So I listened to Jamie talk about how she was not sure how much weight or inches she’d lost, but her clothes were fitting better. How she had gone from needing several cups of coffee to get thru the day to just one. I also started observing her. She acted like she had more energy and she was looking great. We see each other often and I could still tell by the way her clothes fit that something was working.

Advocare Jamie Dixon WAHMReview 234

So….I bit the bullet and decided to try a 24 day challenge myself. I must admit the first 10 days with the herbal cleanse day were hard, but not because I was hungry all the time or felt wiped out, but because the herbal cleanse fiber drink is kinda icky, but then I figured out to mix it with a little OJ and chug it and it wasn’t half bad.

I noticed a change in my energy level right away. I had gone from feeling like I would fall over if I didn’t take a nap every single day to being very productive and actually getting things done! Spark is the name of the energy drink they offer and it’s amazing.

I was blown away with the food plan and all I could eat. I wasn’t missing out on anything. I’ll be completely honest with you, I am a CHEATER! I cheat on every single diet/food plan or whatever, I just do. It’s who I am I guess….so yes I cheated with this too, BUT- and this is a HUGE one….my butt was getting smaller. I was losing weight and inches. I am already down a pants size (and the new pants size is already loose) I’m not sure exactly how many inches I’ve lost but I’m down nearly 10lbs.

Advocare Jamie Dixon WAHMReview 5

This company’s products are even used by professional athletes, such as Drew Breeze and Olympic Athletes. Even one of my favorite authors and all around great guys Dr. Kevin Leman uses Advocare. I was even so impressed that I decided to become a distributor. I knew I had Jamie right there to help me along the way. Any questions I had or still do have, she could answer or get the answer for me. There’s a great support system with Advocare thru other members and multiple Facebook pages and groups.

If you are interested in learning more you can contact Jamie at http://www.dixonspark.com or TheDixonFarm@centurylink.net.
Questions and Comments are always welcome below.


Ok-first off this is a LADIES only Review. Well…..unless you are a dad with daughters…then maybe you should check it out too.  HelloFlo is subscription type service for that wonderful time of the month that all ladies experience. They offer Care Packages, Monthly Plans, a blog full of advice and just about anything you could ask for to make your time of the month better.









I contacted them to do a review for 2 reasons. One, I’m the mother of two girls. The oldest is 9 and I see her changing daily. The other is because my alter ego is a part time school nurse who teaches puberty classes to 5th grade girls. I explained my situation and asked what they thought would be best. The emailed me a file for use in my class and sent me a “Period Starter Kit” care package.





I must say, both as a nurse and a mom I was leery and a bit nervous about what I would get. What would they say? How would they explain things? Would I approve as a mom and as a nurse? Well…..I must say I was VERY impressed.
First, on the nurse side, the pdf they emailed me was wonderful. I’ve been using a video from a well-known feminine hygiene products manufacturer. It’s a good video, but it gets little interaction from the students and it’s a bit dated. The info they sent me is step by step instructions (even with time suggestions) on leading a discussion. None of the info was awkward. It was factual and easy. With kids this age everything is so sensitive. You want to make them aware, but not afraid. You want them to feel comfortable talking about things like puberty but in the right situations. I usually do my class in the spring and I can’t wait to use this info. I think it will help the students feel more comfortable with themselves, and with me.
Now on to the mom side….. The kit they sent had fun stuff and necessary stuff too. I showed it to my 9 yo and she was wowed! However, she was a little disappointed when I told her we were going to save even the fun stuff until she needed. That’s one of the great things about this kit. You get a good surprise something happy and fun and even though it’s little it’s just one of those things that will make a scary time a little bit better. The kit also had a letter for parents and kids. As a mom, I recommended reading both. That way you know what your daughter is reading and are aware of how to handle any questions she might have. I am a fairly conservative parent. So I didn’t want my kid learning anything from anyone else, that she should be learning from me.
















The info they have for parents is comforting and spot on. It gives you suggestions and guides on how to talk to your daughter. I really can’t recommend this part of the product enough. Knowing that the info you are giving your child is honest and true and not something to be afraid of is a great comfort. No, they don’t give you a script to follow, but you certainly have a great idea of where to start and how things should go.
The info for girls is really amazing too. I felt comfortable letting my 9 yo read it, knowing she wasn’t getting too much info and she wasn’t getting too little either. I asked her how she felt after reading it. She said, well….it was sort of scary, weird and different. I didn’t get the feeling that she thought the info was scary but that the changes were. Which to be honest, they are. I still remember being terrified myself. However, with this info, it doesn’t have to be as scary. It’s very honest and factual and tries to help girls understand that it’s O.K to be scared, but this is a normal part of life and every woman goes through it.

Honestly, the first thing I did after I read the info was to text several of my friends and tell them they must check out this info for their daughters. It would be very helpful. When I talked to the principal of my school about changing what I use for my class she was very supportive and even suggested that in the info I send to parents I make sure I direct them to the HelloFlo site.
Thankfully this company offers more items than just that for young girls. Even though I didn’t get to review those products, I can honestly say that as impressed as I was with what I got, I’d definitely be willing to check out their other items.







So if you are a woman, a mom or dad of a daughter, check out HelloFlo and let them help you make a situation that could be scary and really uncomfortable, much better.

For more info check them out at http://www.helloflo.com or on Facebook at http://www.fb.com/gohelloflo

We welcome any and all comments and questions below.

Jamie’s Crafty by Nature – #Crafts #pottery #clay

WAHM Reviewer- Cecily Butler

Jamie’s Crafty by Nature
When I saw my high school friend had started her own business I was so excited. The pictures Jamie has posted on her Facebook page were amazing!! You can check them out for yourself at https://www.facebook.com/jamiescraftybynature
I contacted Jamie and asked if she’d like a review done on her products and she was super excited. She asked what I was interested in and we discussed a few things. Then I told her to surprise me. And Jamie did just that. She sent me the cutest little fairy candle holder.

I love it. Jamie’s use of clay to turn a simple glass container into something that looks like it belongs in a fairy garden amazes me. I love the intricate details. The lid looks like the top to a mushroom and the beautiful little gold heart on the door, wow!

Jamie's Crafts Jamie's Crafts 3Jamie's Crafts 2

Jamie even included a battery operated tea light. As much as I loved it, my girls (ages 9 and 6) loved it even more. They both love all things fairy. So it makes a perfect little night light in their room.







If you’re looking for something different and whimsical that just reaches out and grabs your imagination then you need to check her out! She has a huge variety, everything from elegant wine glasses to adorable little dragons (I’m so getting one for my son for his birthday-but don’t tell him, it’s a surprise, lol). She even has multimedia wall art. She’s got something for everyone. Be sure you check her out on Facebook and give her a like!!

Thrive by Le-vel with Lauren Lewis

I’ve done other product reviews for Lauren before. I super excited when she asked me to do a review for the new product she’s been using. She asked if I had ever tried Thrive, by Le-vel before. I had heard of it off and on in the direct sales circles I’m in but never really knew what it was. This is how she explained it to me

“(It’s a) 3 yr old company that helps fill in gaps of nutrition to your body so you can be at your peak level! A lot of vitamins/antioxidants/probiotics raw fruits/veggies all coming together through capsules mix and wearable nutrition and most people within 2-3 days feel increased energy higher metabolism less stress happier mood mental clarity joint support and more!”  (You can also check out her website at http://www.lewis1lk.le-vel.com )


She asked if I’d like to do a review on it and I said SURE!! I      wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but I knew there were some  kind of patches involved. When I got the package I had two packages of pills and 2 packages of a shake and 3 patches. The instructions were easy, and within 30 mins of getting up I was done with pills for the day!! This is a big thing for me because I get busy and forget to take them…..The patches can be worn in multiple places so you can show them off or cover them up. Just make sure it’s a clean firm area like your hip, thigh, or bicep. Oh, and it stays on for 24 hours.


Lauren told me that sometimes people notice a difference the first day and some don’t notice a difference until a few days in. So I was curious how long it would take me to notice. I started my 3 day trial on a Saturday. We got up and I took my pill, drank my half a shake (which I chose to do with water b/c I’m watching calories) and put my patch on my arm. The shake wasn’t bad, probably would have been better with milk or orange juice, but it was such a small amount that it wasn’t bad with just water. Plus, it blended well and wasn’t chalky. We worked in the yard and around the house most of the morning (usually I drag thru Saturday morning). Then we spent the afternoon at the river. I was a little worried that the patch wouldn’t survive sunscreen and river water, but it did. I didn’t even have a funny pale square on my arm after being in the sun all day. I felt good all day long, no midafternoon draggy time or anything.

Sunday was church, potluck and then the lake. I ALWAYS take a nap on Sunday afternoon. But…..nope. I was a little tired (who isn’t on Sunday afternoon and especially after a potluck) and figured I would snooze on the 45 min drive to the lake. No napping for me. I wasn’t even tired at all by the time we got the boat loaded. This time I put the patch on the upper back part of my hip. It survived too.

Monday was 2 pills instead of one. I put the Thrive patch on my thigh. I wore tight shorts as I had a kettlebell class that morning. The patch survived kettlebell. I was soaked with sweat by the time I was done with that class. I then came home, worked around the house and yard with my kids. Decided to run a mile (I don’t run…..ok, I’m starting to run, but I don’t really like it.) Spent the afternoon folding laundry and working around the house, even cleaned the kids’ rooms with them. Then, that evening I talked my hubby into a mile plus long walk…… Yes, he asked who I was and what I had done to his wife.

thrive thigh

Tuesday, my first day without Thrive…..went to cycle class, came home worked around the house, took the kids to swimming lessons, came home made lunch….crashed and took a 2 hour nap!


Thrive Shakes

I must admit, I was skeptical at first, but it worked. I had amazing energy. Like crazy amazing. One of the things I like about this company is the products are 98% natural. Plus even though the price tag might seem hefty to some, there is a way to get it free….I’m really going to work on that!!

Oh- and while it has nothing to do with the performance of the product but to me it’s important!! He he. The patches come in several designs and colors. So if you want to wear them where others can see them, you can be cute and stylish too!!

If you want to learn more about Thrive and about how you can get a 3 day sample and try it for yourself contact Lauren at lewis1lk@gmail.com and remember to check out her website at http://www.lewis1lk.le-vel.com

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