A Letter to My Younger Self

So I decided to write this thinking it would be easy. Thinking I got this! So then I asked myself the question…what would you tell your younger self? My answer came naturally. I would say relax everything will be fine. Which it is. But then I was stumped. This couldn’t just be my post, could it?

My mind went blank as to what else I could possibly say. Days and weeks went by and still nada. I mean I knew what I wanted to say but didn’t know how to begin to put it into words. So here it goes…
I have a beautiful daughter who will be 20 this year so I thought she is a version of my younger self so what advice would I give her.

This is what I came up with: Always be true to yourself. Do what makes you happy. Never have any regrets.Take chances. Don’t do onto other’s that which you don’t want done onto you. Keep faith in God. Take care of yourself and your health…then you can take care of others. In this regard you can be selfish.
Live life to the fullest. Travel and do all you wish to do before settling down and having children. Always have your own money and be independent. Never depend on a man or anyone, except for God and yourself, ok and well maybe me (your mom). lol.
Be humble.
Be grateful.
Be kind.
Love hard and Never give up.

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All in A Day’s Work

“All in a Day’s Work”

All in a Days Work
My! What a versatile statement that is. Why, it could involve so many things. A lot of the time for me it become a dismissive statement when someone verbalizes awe at something that happened in the course of my day. You see, I am the clinical director of a delinquent boys group home. Believe me, there can be a number of incredulous things that happen in the course of a day. We may have had attempted assaults or AWOLs along with sick and vomiting boys or simply complaining boys. Rarely is there a quiet, boring day where I work.
I have done this same kind of work for over 37 years. I have worked in only three different agencies and with different populations. Yet many of the same things happen each day. One must be prepared for the day being anywhere from pleasant and to total chaos. Often I feel as though I have sixteen sons and they are all on the same “cycle”. Grumpy and whiney to grumpier and whinier. They are rarely satisfied and even more rarely smiling. (I guess if I were 15 or 16 and locked in a group home with a bunch of delinquents I wouldn’t be smiling much either).
Then there is this very rare day where one boy says “Good Morning, I missed you while you were gone” or they call after being discharged to tell me how they are doing and give a good report of going to school or getting a legal job, then say “I love you” before they hang up. I do love my 16 boys. Even if they aren’t always very lovable. They know they are loved also. They are told that repeatedly over the 7 months they are with us. In fact we are known across our state as a group home that “coddles” the kids yet are successful with them. They aren’t my birth children but they were placed there for a purpose and not just randomly. I have always felt that God put certain boys in my path to help them and thus they would bless me. And, they have blessed me greatly. Yes, it is very hard work. Very emotional work as well. We have lost a few along the way and our hearts were broken. A healthy young man with a future ahead of him, falls back into old behaviors and goes to rob a young woman and ends up being shot and killed by her in her attempt to save herself from him. This one really took a toll on our hearts. I say “our” hearts as all who work there for any time at all will learn to love at least most of the boys. I cannot count the times when there have been tears in my eyes and my boss’s eyes as one or another of the boys leave to go home. They have been taught new ways to think and believe as well as learning to cope with life in more appropriate ways. Often they return to a home that has made few changes and they must try to fit back in to the family, with their new beliefs. A struggle that few would want. Then a month or so after they discharge the phone rings and that eager voice says’ Hey, Ms. Kathy, I got a job”. That’s it! That’s what makes me get up and go to work every day. We don’t fix them all, but they all will know that they have been cared about and loved for a time.
My job may be very different from many others. Yet there are some things that are the same. Crazy, frantic days, boring quiet days, tedious report writing days even exhausting days.
So, how do we all handle those days?
Why, we just sum it all up in one small statement “it’s all in a day’s work”.
Kathy Crow M.S., L.P.C.
WAHM Reviewer

Tigger could not get enough of his Purr Packs box #toystreatstreasures

lazy Tigger

Meet Tigger. I posted this lazy day picture of my cat Tigger and much to my surprise ended up with the opportunity to review a monthly subscription box to Purr Packs. My excitement was through the roof!

outside box

I was shocked at how quickly the box arrived at my house. From the time that I was presented with the opportunity to do the review to the time when the box was delivered to my house is was less than 1 week. I was already impressed, not to mention the box was addressed to Tigger…..Come on how cute is that?!?!

Since I run a licensed daycare in my home I didn’t have time to open the box right away but Tigger….He had other plans….Tigger getting box

I had to give into his desperate attempts to open the box and I only had to cut the packaging tape from the sides for him to be able to open the side inserts of the box. He was ready to reveal his treasures.

inside of the box

The packaging was bright pink for the month of February. I have never seen a monthly subscription box packed like this before and I’ve reviewed and had many delivered to my home. This was extraordinary. The box was packed perfectly and it was very eye appealing. The treasures were all throughout the entire box (not to mention the daycare kids had a blast with the shredded pink paper).

Inside the box was a nifty card that stated everything that was included in the box as a type of inventory sheet. Included in the box was: Yeowww! Brand Hearrrt Attacks (the red heart toy that was filled with organic catnip), Purr-Packs Double-Sided Brush, Petstages Nighttime Cuddle Toy (the greyish ball that glows in the dark encouraging night time play. This toy was very SOFT!), Cosmic Catnip Kitty Family Grass Kit, Snap Cat Fish Toy, Purr-Packs Phone Stand, Feline Greenies (savory salmon flavor), and Blue Buffalo Wilderness treats (chicken and salmon recipe).

Although I’ve reviewed monthly subscription boxes before I was pleasantly surprised with Purr Packs. When I was able to evaluate all that the box included, everything was full sized! Most subscription boxes, or at least the ones I’ve had the pleasure of taking part in, provided quick little samples to use. Purr Packs included everything full sized.

Quickly after I had opened the box, I realized why Tigger had taken such an interest in this box…..besides it being a box (what cat doesn’t love a good box?). It had a smell that he has never experienced before….Catnip. As I am a relatively new cat owner (he’s my very first cat) I have never had experience with catnip. I quickly looked it up to make sure he could play with it and I didn’t have to take it from him after a period of time. I have never seen him act the way he did when he got a hold of that Yeowww! Brand Hearrrt Attack toy. By far his favorite out of the entire box. He literally held it in his paws and cuddled with it, rolling all over it, and not letting it out of his sight. Once the box was emptied from the other treasures he slept with it inside the box. Later on we were able to review the other treasures, but I had to let him love on his new found friend. Tigger Yeow

After a day I was able to continue on with the review. He then expressed interest in the treats. Since I recently took him to the vet and they were explaining what to do to help him take care of his teeth I was very excited to see the Greenies treats in the box. He had his nose pressed against my hand the entire time I was opening the bag for him to try. He LOVED the treats and was actually pretty bummed that I wouldn’t let him consume the entire package

Tigger Greenie

A few treats later, we tried the Blue Buffalo Wilderness treats. He went equally as nuts as he did with the Greenies treats. Tigger Wilderness

I was unsuccessful at getting pictures of him with the Snap Cat Fish Toy as he was jumping and pouncing all over the place and all the pictured ended up being a blurred mess. This toy had to be the kids favorite toy to play with him. When you squeezed the plush fish part of the toy it sent the feather at the end of it into a tail spin. Tigger went wild swatting, biting, and grabbing at the toy.

Overall this entire box was absolutely incredible! I was very blessed to be able to review it for Purr Packs. I would recommend this monthly subscription box to anyone who has a feisty feline as I do, or even a more mellow one. At Purr Packs, you are able to customize your monthly box or even send one as a gift.

Go to http://www.purrpacks.com to get started.

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